Waiting on the LORD for (Husband/Wife) GOD'S LOVE REVELATION Share

Recently, I have been talking with people in regards to their desires in there hearts for marriage. Being a single women in the Lord, for years the Lord had talked to me about this issue of waiting on the Lord for a husband. What I wanted to share with you was a revelation that the LORD gave me a few years ago that brought me so much peace,....I share this with you so you may find the same peace and revelation of God's love as I have.

A year ago, I was praying and seeking the Lords will on whether or not HE had marriage in mind for me......Here is what GOD showed me in a vision. First off as I was praying God told me to go specifically to ISAIAH 54:5 "For your maker is your husband-the Lord Almighty is his name-" Now, I had never read that verse before and then it HIT me....God showed me that HE wanted to take the seat as my Husband and give that to HIM. He told me that most people DONT allow HIM or most people don't think they can see GOD that way but that is what HE intends for us all to see HIM as in addition to HIM being our Creator, Comforter, Father, Friend, Maker.....Jesus is also our Husband/wife............God then told me....."Amy, you already have what you want, a husband, you already have what you want it's ME!!!" Here is what was really neat that came next........

GOD showed me a vision of a earthly Godly man, (of course I couldn't see his face) but....God said to me....."when I bring that young man into your life, Amy.....your spirit will be so attracted to MY spirit put in HIM that its really ME you will be attracted to in the young man. Uhh, I loved that!!! God was telling me that my desire is really to be closer and more intimate with Jesus and one of the reason why he brings earthly husbands/wives for you men, is so we can see more of Jesus through the relationship with the other person. Its all about Jesus and bringing us closer to HIM!!!!

The peace of God has filled me since because I know that what I have always wanted, I already have already received and because of my huge desire to see my heavenly husband more (JESUS)....I believe God said HE would bless me with an earthly husband but I had to wait until HE choose for HIS gift and blessing to be released!! So I wait....

Its been such a joy for me to realize that God wants me so so so close to HIM by drawing me in to a place of complete oneness with HIM!!! Marriage is the true example....we become one with our spouse but we also are one with Christ Jesus through HIS blood at the Cross!!!

Thank you Lord, I pray for each person reading this that you would touch them with the same revelation of your LOVE as you did with me. I pray that you would calm there desires in there hearts and bring a fulfillment in that area that only you can fill!!! I pray that people would realize that there longing is really for you and as a blessing you allow us to marry here on earth so we can understand you and your love better!!!!!!!! I pray specifically for my close friends who have the same desire as I do and I pray papa, that YOU would bring fulfillment to the desires that you put into their hearts.

Blessing to you all,


P.S. I am not the best writer so just overlook the many gramer errors....hee hee!!!!

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